Loretta is (barn) found.

I have always been a T-Bird lover. I purchased a 1962 Thunderbird in 2009 and later sold it….regrettably. I have been looking for another ‘Bird for many years. Then I saw, “Loretta” (was not her name quite yet, more on that later.)

“Loretta” Discovered on Facebook Marketplace and then rolled out of a barn in South Dakota.

So, why, “Loretta?”

After doings some research and talking to my banker (my son, Connor) I decided to make an offer on the Thunderbird. I had driven the 90 miles to Delmont, South Dakota to look at the Thunderbird. The following photos were sent to me before I even made the trip:

I could tell by the photos that she had “good bones” so, hopefully if she ran decent, I would make an offer. I had a nice conversation with the owner of the car, “Loretta,” and decided to make her an offer, which she accepted. She said, “I can tell you will really take care of her.” It was at that point I would call the T-Bird, “Loretta.”

My wife and I made the trip back to Delmont to purchase the vehicle, and yes, I drove it home (with my wife following in case of mechanical failure!) I knew this was a gamble but I had faith she could make it, and she did.


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