Stereo Upgrade

I had been toying with the idea of just using a portable bluetooth speaker exclusively in the ‘Bird. I already had a Bose speaker that I tried for a few weeks, but it just did not cut it with the windows down going 65 down the highway.

I am a Best Buy customer and started looking on their website for some options and this type of speaker caught my eye. A “marine gauge speaker” that is meant for boats, etc. I started doing some research and some measuring of the famous NON working clock hole, and was hoping it would fit in that space, but of course it was sold out.

Started doing some searching and found an open box of the same receiver on Ebay for $139, even better, so I purchased it. The next thing to figure out was the speakers. I definitely did not want to cut any holes and ANYTHING for speakers, and luckily nobody had in Loretta’s history. Started searching for “under seat speakers” on Google and found these:

There was a $15 off coupon also and bought them for under $160.

Now the big test-will this fit in the clock hole? Why, yes it does. I had to push the back up pretty snug against the defroster tube, but who uses that anyway?

1958 Ford Thunderbird Kicker receiver mod to replace clock in dash.

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