Wire Wheels?

I have always loved the way classic Thunderbirds looked with wire wheels, but with the price tag, I knew that would be out of the question, or would it?

I thought someday in the future, after I get everything on the ‘Bird pretty much mechanically sound, I would start doing some shopping for them. Regardless of the price.

Stumbled upon this ad in the Facebook Marketplace that intrigued me.

A widower was selling off all of her husband’s possessions. He was a car collector and had these on his 57 Thunderbird. They had been listed on there for a long time. The original price was somewhat intriguing, so I made an offer, that she did not take immediately. A few weeks later she said she would sell them to me at an even LOWER price because they always reminded her of her husband every time she walked by them and she wanted them to go to someone who will enjoy them. I definitely fit that description.

Made the 3 hour trip to Sioux Falls, SD to check them out and if they were not complete trashed, I would pull the trigger and purchase them. Upon arriving, they looked just like the photos and they rolled down her driveway nice and straight, so it was time to bring out the cash and seal the deal.

I had called up my local tire shop, owned by a former student, and she said they would be able to install them and put the required tubes in them. Everything I had read and heard is that they are not worth the trouble…on and on. I really did not care at this point. I like the way they look and the tire tech said they would be just fine with tubes. They put tubes in tractors all of the time!

Final product with the updated hoops!

Now for the real test. Can I drive the ‘Bird around 2 hours to a car show in West Point, NE? AND, not have a blowout. Why yes, I could. Made the trip without any issues and drove like a champ. Even thought this is how the day started-right after I finished detailing it.

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