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  • Loretta Gets a Facelift.

    My earliest memories of my Dad are of him working on cars. His cars, customer cars, my cars. From my Saturday “following him to work at the body shop days,” to traveling all over the tri-state area to rod runs and car shows, to sanding my 1956 Ford F100 in high school. He is a…

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  • Loretta Crosses Nebraska

    Loretta Crosses Nebraska

    My love for classic cars began with my Dad. I have known him to be a car guy for as along as I can remember. He has been an auto body repairman his adult life and in his later years, owned his own bodyshop just outside of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. He is “semi” retired now and…

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  • Wire Wheels?

    Wire Wheels?

    I have always loved the way classic Thunderbirds looked with wire wheels, but with the price tag, I knew that would be out of the question, or would it? I thought someday in the future, after I get everything on the ‘Bird pretty much mechanically sound, I would start doing some shopping for them. Regardless…

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  • Stereo Upgrade

    Stereo Upgrade

    I had been toying with the idea of just using a portable bluetooth speaker exclusively in the ‘Bird. I already had a Bose speaker that I tried for a few weeks, but it just did not cut it with the windows down going 65 down the highway. I am a Best Buy customer and started…

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  • Vintage Ads

    Vintage Ads

    It has been fun to research all of the old advertising for the 1958 Thunderbird, which oftentimes is exactly like mine.

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  • Let the fun begin.

    Let the fun begin.

    Now, to get Loretta to be fully road worthy. OK, she made it home from South Dakota, but I knew she needed some work. The “real” Loretta, said she changed the oil regularly, etc, but I knew that she did not drive it very often, so I was sure there were parts that were going…

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  • Loretta is (barn) found.

    Loretta is (barn) found.

    I have always been a T-Bird lover. I purchased a 1962 Thunderbird in 2009 and later sold it….regrettably. I have been looking for another ‘Bird for many years. Then I saw, “Loretta” (was not her name quite yet, more on that later.) “Loretta” Discovered on Facebook Marketplace and then rolled out of a barn in…

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